Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

What better day than to talk about SHOES....and other things.


Well, when I was growing up, we'd always take a walk after Thanksgiving dinner. My Aunt lives on Bainbridge Island, and when sometimes we'd spend the holiday with her. Walks along the beach are among some of my favorite memories of Thanksgiving. That and fart noise contests with my Dad and Jerry (I'll spare you the details).

I ordered a new pair of shoes from Fleet Feet last week. That's the thing about training for a marathon- your shoes can only sustain 400-500 miles, then it's time for new ones. Our coaches told us to get new shoes around Thanksgiving, then start breaking them in for "Game Day".

I'd love to take a walk after dinner today, although given the pouring rain and lightning and thunder, it probably won't happen......

There's lots to be thankful for this holiday. In these hard economic times, so many friends and family members have shown their generous support for this cause. I am thankful for the ooprtunity to participate in Team in Training, and thankful for the friends that I have met through the process.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

And for a laugh, check out this blog about when professionally decorated cakes go oh so wrong:


Racn4acure said...

Hi and Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for you kind comment on my blog. Believe me, I am so glad to still be on God's green earth and to be healthy enough to do TNT.

I enjoyed reading about the Tour de Tucson. How nice to see the end of that and to go to the finisher tent. Someday I would like to buy a bike and try a century and a tri for TNT before I get too old for it. :)

I am still using my shoes from my Arizona race but I think they will last a while yet. We will see cause new one sure cost a bunch. I will need at least one new pair before Nashville, maybe 2 if I do the full marathon. Good luck! Art

Karen said...

Hi Elsbeth, Just wanted to stop by and tell you I'm keeping you in my thoughts as THE day grows nearer!! What 5 weeks?! I know you must be in deep training about now but wanted you to know you've got support behind you. Nobody said you have to win the race or even finish it running...Crawl if you have to (doubt you will) but you can do it.