Sunday, November 16, 2008


48- Days it's been since I've updated this blog (I know, I KNOW!!!)
63- Days until my marathon! (Wow. That's not very many)
6912- How many people died of a blood cancer during those 48 days (That's too many)
2520- How many dollars people have contributed to my fundraising (I'm over my goal!!!)
140- Miles I've run over the last 48 days.
14- Miles I ran yesterday (that's the farthest I've gone to date!)
2- Number of rattlesnakes encountered during training
4- Scabs formed under my sports bra from long runs
-30%- Rate of return from my 401K. Yes, that's a negative sign in front of the 30.
26- How old I turned on October 25th. :)'s been awhile, and I apologize for my silence. Rest assured this won't happen again- this cause is much too important to be quiet during my training.

A bunch of stuff has happened over the last month and a half- I've run farther then I ever thought possible, completed a 10 mile race, achieved my fundraising goal, got a new pair of shoes (time to start breaking them in for marathon day!!).

Last week was recommitment day- the day that we tell Team in Training "I will do this. I am committed to raising $2500 and completing this marathon in honor and memory of those who are afflicted with blood cancers". This is when Team in Training starts incurring expenses on our behalf- they pay for our race day registration (that's over $100), our hotel room, our race day jersies, pasta party shirts, etc. It was so exhilerating to check that box that said "I have already raised $2500 and am recommiting".

Thank you thank you THANK you to those who have contributed. Especially in these hard economic times, the number of people who need assistance from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is staggering. I know you're sick of hearing (reading?) it, but every dollar counts. Jennifer and I went to the U of A tailgate, selling red and blue mardis gras beads for just a few dollars a piece. We had 288 beads. We made $400. People contributing just $1-2 apiece, and look what we did. That's pretty cool.

Oh, and my new running shoes? They're pink. I'll save my rave about my favorite running store for another post.

I'm still up and running, no pun intended.


Osh said...

YAY! so proud of you!

Racn4acure said...

Hey, congratulations on recommitting and hitting your fundraising goal. I am a blood cancer survivor, 6 years now, and wanted to thank you for caring enough to do TNT. I did the Arizona marathon this past January for TNT, my third event, and had a great time. I hope that you do as well!

I enjoyed seeing a little of your area while I was there, spending two days in the Tucson area after the race. It was not enough time, but at least I got to see a few things in Southern AZ. Best wishes - Art from Virginia.

Karen said...

Yea!!!!! You did good, girl!! So glad you made your goal...umm....well....part of the goal lol. Now all thats left is to finish that race!! You can do it!!!