Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fundraising Email #1

Dear Family and Friends:

Happy April!  I hope this email finds you doing well and enjoying your spring.

As you know, for the last two years, I've been with Team in Training, participating in marathons to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society- to honor those who have won or lost their battles with blood cancer. 

The last time you received an email from me, I was preparing to run the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco.  With your help, we raised almost 14 million dollars, and the number of people who died each hour from blood cancers decreased by one.  So now each day, 24 lives are saved and it's all thanks to people like you- the generous contributors who graciously donate to fund research and ultimately find a cure.

This time I'm gearing up to run the San Diego Rock N' Roll Marathon, and I'm so excited to be representing Team in Training and LLS for my fourth event.  I've committed to raise $2,900 by May 1st (yes, that's a month from now) and I'm asking for your help yet again.

You may have heard me tell this story before, but it is the perfect snapshot of why I continue to fundraise: while I was running the Las Vegas Rock N' Roll Marathon (in my Team jersey), a man passed me, turned around and as he shook my hand he said "I have Leukemia, thank you so much for what you do".

To have a complete stranger approach you and let you know that they have been helped by your efforts, and that their life may be a bit better because of gives me goosebumps.  It also makes my determination that much stronger.

What a great example to show that your money gives hope to those patients and I am fortunate enough to represet the LLS because of your generosity.  Your donation could provide a patient transportation to their chemo treatment sessions, or a place for their family to stay if they are being treated out of town.  It could cover their insurance copays or pay for their treatment outright if they are not fortunate enough to have health insurance.  And now, more than ever, they really need your help.

Every dollar counts and no amount is too small (or too big!).  I know these hard economic times have affected us all, so thanks in advance for your help, and and Go Team!!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Something really cool just happened

So, last week, I sent out a fundraising email to kickstart my San Diego campain (annnd, that's 8 weeks until race day, but in my defense, I just finished fundraising for the Arizona Distance Classic!).....

....and fellow teammates, you know those emails....those ones that say "Donation Notification"?  And you get one and your hear flutters and you feel like the most loved person on earth?  Or, in my case my phone goes blingblongbleep and I check the message and there's one of those emails??  Yeah, those ones.

So...I didn't get any of those emails....and I had such a busy week at work that I didn't bother going to my fundraising webpage to check my progress.  It was kind of in the back of my head that maybe my email was too pushy or people were rolling their eyes saying "AGAIN?  Doesn't she ever stop?"

I just logged onto my page and almost peed my pants when I saw that there was already $160 in my account.  From where??!  Turns out people had been donating the whole time, there was just some glitch on my page (I'll figure it out eventually) and I was never notified. 

Again, I am so touched by the generosity of my friends and family.  Annnnd, if you donated, your thank-you note might be a bit late.  :) 

So with a wonderful surprise donation total, I am excited to kickstart my fundraising for the San Diego Rock N' Roll Marathon!  GO TEAM!

Tomorrow's practice run is in Sabino Canyon- I get to run 8 beautiful miles in the desert morning sun and I feel so blessed.  Happy running!