Sunday, May 31, 2009

5k update!

What a fun night! Of course, I got caught up in the excitement and went out way too fast. At one point, I noticed that I was pacing an 8 minute mile. Woah, slow down.......but I'd already kind of run out of I fought through the second mile, and part of the third, and then I kicked into high gear. I'd resolved to finish the race in under 30 minutes if it made me puke or I could see the finish line and I just went for it, and I was racing the clock.

Spectators near and at the finish line knew what I was doing, and they could see the big timer, so they cheered even louder as I neared the finish line. Todd got an awesome overhead picture (to be loaded later) of me JUST getting to the finish line at (get this)......28:59. WOOHOO! So I probably crossed at 29:00 or 29:01....

A new PR!

Of course, all kinds of doubt went through my head as I was running all out during this race..."How can I run a marathon if I can't even make it through a 5k?" "WHY do I do this??" "I'm not going to be able to do a marathon with hills if this course makes me want to puke".

Not pretty, and I know the training will take care of that mentality (hopefully), but it was eye-opening for sure.

In the meantime, I'm going to revel in my success at the 5k and be proud of myself. I analyzed my form in the pictures, and you know what?? I LOOK like a runner! Holy crap! :)

So today it's off to a pool party and then home to relax and prepare for the week ahead.

Life is good.

Have a good Sunday, and happy running. :)


Katie said...

Wow - nice time!! Way to go for a new PR!

Racn4acure said...

Well done, Elsbeth! That is great that you reached your goal! Art