Friday, April 10, 2009

Another Season!

So the fall season is fast approaching and we're going to begin our recruiting at the end of the month. The actual training will begin in early June.

I highly encourage everyone to attend an informational meeting to REALLY see what Team in Training is all about.

Go to the Team in Training website:

And at the very top, there's a box to put in your zip code ("Find your chapter"). Enter your zip and it will take you to your local chapter (Desert Mountain States, for example)

There you'll find a list of events that your chapter is offering coaching support for as well as a list of dates and locations for the informational meetings.

Endurance training not your bag, baby? I am still urging you to go to these meetings- TNT could always use volunteers- from handing out water to athletes to helping check in participants at the end of an event or even sending out mailings and making phone calls- TNT needs your help. You don't have to sign up to run a marathon to get involved, and the local coordinators will be so thankful to have someone they can call upon.

Last year I worked the check-in tent for El Tour de Tucson- a 112 mile biking event that TNT members from all over the country take part in. I wrote about it here:

To be there front and center helping participants achieve their goals is so amazing. And trust me, the participants really appreciate it. To hear a "Go Team!" when you don't think you can go any further, or to have someone in Team colors hand you water or Gatorade feels amazing. Uplifting is an understatement. And if you're the one helping, it will feel even better. Trust me.

SO, find your chapter, find a meeting close to you and check it out- there's no pressure, but I think it's a good idea to really get immersed in what we're all about.

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