Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Results are in!

The dermatologist called and said that my demon freckle was benign, no further treatment needed! Yay!

I've been off my feet for the last 5 days like a good girl. Not enjoying it, but under the guise that I will do this right the first time rather than push myself and end up getting injured (or infected!).

I went to practice on Saturday morning to cheer on my team and I'm glad I did, since the heat snuck up fast, and my teammates looked.....tired. I handed out the washcloths that had been sitting in ice water to the weary runners- they really did triumph that morning, and I know people with blood cancers appreciated their efforts. I know I did.

So, while I wasn't running this weekend, a teammate snapped a picture of me a few weeks ago in Sabino Canyon! Thanks, Susan!

I'm going to try out my foot at cross training class tomorrow. We'll see how it holds up!

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Dano said...

Good news from the dermatologist.
I'm sure the Team appreciated the cheers - Go Team!